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Join us and participate in our LIVE Gen-Con 2015 podcast recording!

Please excuse the terrible video quality as we promote our LIVE GEN-CON 2015 PODCAST RECORDING Friday, July 31, 2015, in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana! Official event listing on Gen-Con Indy web site Event listing on Highprogrammer (no login required) We’re in talks to interview some indie video game developers, as well as ask the audience...
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U.Gamers Podcast #114: Final Fantasy XIV, unicycles & fruit flies

Cody announces the exciting addition of the Unqualified Gamers Podcast to the WGN Plus lineup, and what that means for the podcast. Jon discusses Final Fantasy XIV after he and Cody are finished discussing such compelling topics as unicycles, fruit flies, downtown Rochester, and the unfortunate passing of Nintendo’s
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U.Gamers Podcast #112: Crypt of the NecroDancer, Geometry Wars 3

Jon reviews Crypt of the NecroDancer before he talks about his obsession with this year’s Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta. Hear whether he got a decent starting character, or if he’s just going to FAIL MISERABLY. Plus: Cody actually played video games this week, specifically Geometry Wars 3! And, of course, there’s some requisite...
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U.Gamers Podcast #107: Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Square-Enix Remakes

Jon reviews Square-Enix’s latest ports of Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VI, and Cody brings it all back together by reviewing mobile game Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Plus: Cody’s first impressions of Supergiant Games’ 2014 release, Transistor. Click here to download this Unqualified Gamers Podcast episode Show Notes: Jon discusses the insanely graphic...
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